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Litigation Attorneys in Cuba

Litigation Attorneys in Cuba

Litigation attorneys, or “litigators” or “trial attorneys”, represent clients in civil cases, managing all stages of the litigation process starting with the investigation, continuing with the pleadings, trials, settlements and appeal. 

Litigation cases our team of lawyers in Cuba advise on

We can counsel our clients on the following litigation matters in Cuba:

•    Debt collection and execution;
•    Enforcements of judgments and foreign legal settlements;
•    Taxation actions;
•    Insolvency actions;
•    Civil disputes;
•    Administrative actions.

The Judicial System in Cuba

The 1976 Cuban constitution rules that the People’s Supreme Court – which is made of a president, a vice president and other judges – is the highest judicial tribunal. All participants of the court are elected by the National Assembly, the same as the attorney general and the deputy attorneys general. With its Governing Council, the court suggests laws, makes regulations and takes decisions that have to be applied by the people’s courts. The judges of the people’s courts are named by the municipal assemblies. There are seven regional courts of appeal and district courts with civil and criminal jurisdiction. The military tribunals have jurisdiction for certain counterrevolutionary cases. 
Although the constitution states that the judicial system in Cuba is independent, the courts are outranked by the National Assembly and the Council of State. 

Our law firm takes all the necessary steps in order to protect our client’s financial status, and we possess an outstanding track record of cases that were resolved by us. Whether we are pursuing or defending claims, our Cuba litigation attorneys are experienced in a wide area of disputes, both at a personal and a business level. 

We are a team of litigation lawyers in Cuba who can provide professional legal advice, having thorough experience in the complex matters of the litigation law. As a highly reputable firm, our knowledgeable Cuban attorneys have solved a wide range of cases for numerous clients.